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Can you check the following sentences for me, please?
Can you please tell me a synonym for the words in parentheses?
Thank you.

1)Alonso is shipwrecked near an enchanted island with his son and the Duke of Milan.
2) The tempest was raised (synonym? caused, provoked)by Prospero, a magician who lives (?) on the island with his daughter Miranda.
3) Prospero confesses Miranda that he was the rightful (synonym) duke of Milan but he, as he was more interested in the study of magic than in the affairs of the state, his brother deposed him and set him adrift on a small boat (synonym) together with her three-year daughter Miranda.
4) They were stranded on an enchanted island, where the witch Sykorax had taken (found?) refuge. The island was not inhabited by Sykorax's son (?).
5) Caliban, a strange creature of brute intelligence and Ariel, the spirit of air. Aried had been kept prisoner in the trunk of a tree by Sykorax and was eventually released (freed, liberated?) by Antony.
6)Alonso is desperate (?) because he thinks his son drowned or had drowned??

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    2. boosted, brought up, constructed, elevated, erected, established, exalted, heaved, hoisted, held up, levered, lifted, lifted up, mounted, moved up, placed up, promote, pried, pulled up, put on its end, put up, reared, ran up, set up, set upright, shoved, stood up, taken up, thrown up, upcast, upheaved, uplifted, upraised, upreared

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    Sorry that I was unable to finish this as I was interrupted. Here is the rest:

    #3. Prospero confesses TO Miranda...
    rightful synonyms = applicable, appropriate, apt, authorized, befitting, bona fide, canonical, card-carrying, condign, deserved, due, ethical, fair, fit, fitting, holding water, honest, just, kosher*, lawful, legal, legit, merited, moral, moralistic, noble, official, on the level, on the up and up, orthodox, permitted, principled, proper, real, requisite, right, right-minded, suitable, true, twenty-four carat, valid, virtuous
    but he = drop "he" but, as he...

    synonym for small boat:
    small vessels
    Synonyms: canoe, dinghy, dory, gondola, kayak, life raft, pirogue, punt, raft, rowboat, sampan, scull, skiff

    #4. synonym for taken, found = established, set up, found, detected, observed, discovered, noticed
    spied, encountered...

    synonym for son = boy, dependent, descendant, heir, junior, offspring, scion, child...

    #5. Aried should be Ariel? ...
    synonym for released, freed = delivered, discharged, emancipated, exonerated, let-off, sprung, (slang)

    #6 = desperate = at end of his rope, backed to the wall, couldn't win, dead duck, despairing, despondent, downcast, forlorn, futile, in the soup, running out of time, sad, sunk, up against it, up the creek


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