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Ammeter 1 reads 0.20 A.

a. What should ammeter 3 indicate?
b. What should ammeter 4 indicate?

RA = 22-OHM
RB = 13-OHM
A1 = 0.20 A

Ammeter 2 reads 0.15A.

a. Find the voltage across the 22-ohm resistor?
b. Find the voltage across the 15-ohm resistor?
c. What is the battery voltage?

RA = 22-OHM
RB = 15-OHM
A1 = 0.20 A
A2 = 0.15 A

Physics - bobpursley, Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 10:51am
A1, A2, and A3 are in series, so all of them are the same, and you are given that.

Total resistance is R1+R2, or 37 ohms.

V= current*resistance=.2*37=7.4 volts

- Thanks a lot but what does ammeter 2 indicate? I'm a little confused with that. Maybe if possible the diagram will be posted but I sent an e-mail so hopefully they will post it, thanks.

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    Hopefully, you might get the diagram at this website below, if not im sorry. I'm just waiting for them to post and I appreciate it, thanks.




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