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Can you please check if the word choice is correct and if the words in parentheses are also possible?
Thank you in advance.

1)Work out both the poem's rhyme scheme and its metre/rhythm
The poem is written in rhyming couplets /in iambic pentameters. Each line consists of (is formed from, is made up of, is composed of ) five iambs.
2) The poem does not have a rhyme scheme since it is written in free verse and therefore, it sounds like a speech.
3)What compensated for the loss of a rhyme-scheme?
4)Does the poem have a particular lay-out?
5)Mention/identify the figures of speech and the musical devices which occur in the poem.
6)The poem contains examples of alliteration, assonance and repetition.
There is also a run-on line, whose meaning extends to the next line.

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    All are fine.

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