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I am working on an argumentive essay.
My argument is to add a pick up lane in front of my son's elementary school.I am finding it dificult to come up with the right words for my topic and the first maint point. Can somebody get me started? Please.

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    First of all, become very familiar with this website:
    It's excellent. There's a link across the top, toward the right, just for argumentative essays.

    Ask yourself this: Exactly what do you want to prove is right about this topic?

    Let us know.

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    Let's start with your thesis statement -- something like:

    XXX Elementary School should add a pick-up lane in front of the school.

    Then think of three reasons to support your statement. Those reasons will provide the body of your argument, probably a paragraph for each.

    After you get that far, if you post your essay draft, we'll be glad to read it and comment on it.

    These sites should help you.

    (Broken Link Removed)


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