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How can i teach my preschoolers the concept of soluble and non soluble materials?

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    glasses of water at each desk. Use sugar, salt, aquarium gravel, rock salt, flour. Ask them to put a spoon of each into the water: Then let them describe soluble /insoluble

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    take two cups with warm-hot water, but will not burn your finger since your gonna do this experiment with kids. pick up a cube of sugar and ask them "do you think this is gonna melt or not?" wait for their response.
    After they respond say "what about this" pick up a piece of rock.
    ask one kid to drop the rock in the warmish water, and another kid to drop it into the OTHER warmish water, and then ask them both to stir. After the sugar dissolves, and the rock hasn't. Explain to them why.
    So kids, things that melt in water, like that sugar we just plonked in is called "SOLUBLE". Soluble means "melt-able" in water... "non-soluble", like this rock, means "UN-melt-able" in water...


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