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translate to an algebraic edxpression
the sum of x and q

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    Sum means add.

    How do YOU think you'd show this as an algebraic expression?

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    add what
    is the answer x + q

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    Yes, mini.

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    You've got it!

    x + q is correct!

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    how do you qraph -7/2?
    graph the number on the number line?
    what does that mean?

    I am really being helped, I just answer 4 correct algebra question alone.

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    Mini -- I don't know how to do this. Please post it as a new question so that someone else will see it and answer it.

    Congratulations on answering some of the problems on your own! You're doing great!

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    the number 5/4 can be named 1 1/4, or 1.25

    than my problems says list both numbers divided by a comma, what does that mean?

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