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I have one more problem that I need help with. If someone can help me set up the problem I will be able to solve it for my answer. I don't know where to begin with this problem. Thank you for your help it's greatly appreciated.

For groups of four or more diners, many restaurants add a 15% gratuity and a tax of 8% to the bill. If the bill (including gratuity and tax) for four people came to $193, how much was the tip?

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    I assume the 8% tax is added first, then the 15% tip.

    So, first, add 8% to the bill amount to get a subtotal

    subtotal = 193 + 0.08(193)

    The same thing can be done more succinctly as follows:

    subtotal = 1.08(193)

    Then take 15% of that to determine the top:

    tip = 0.15(subtotal)

    To chain it all together:
    tip = 0.15(1.08(193))

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