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A woman is three times as old as her daughter, but in 12 years she will be just twice as old as her daughter. How old is the daughter now and how hold is the woman now?

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    W = 3 D
    W + 12 = 2 (D + 12) = 2D + 24

    Solve for woman's current age (W) and her daughters current age (D)

    3D + 12 = 2D + 24
    D = 12

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    When a woman is as old as her father is now, she will be five times as old as her son is now. By then, her son will be eight years older than she is now. The combined ages of her father and herself are 100 years. How old is her son?

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    In six years time Leroy will be twice the age he is now what is his age in six years

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