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8th grade algebra

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the length of a rectangular garden is 5 feet longer than its width. The garden is surrounded by a 2-foot-wide-sidewalk. The sidewalk has an area of 76 square feet. Find the dimensions of the garden

  • 8th grade algebra -

    Let the width of the garden be x ft
    then the length is x+5 ft.

    area = x(x+5)

    width of garden with sidewalk = x+4
    length of garden with sidewalk = x+9

    (x+4)(x+9) - x(x+5) = 76
    solve, the x^2 will drop out

  • 8th grade algebra -

    X^2 will drop and we will combine the like terms(13x and -5x) and 36 will go to the other side

    L=10ft since L=x+5

  • 8th grade algebra -

    Area of living room with length being X+5 and width being 20

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