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28. Natural selection causes
a. changes in the environment
b. plants and animals to produce more offpsring than can survive
c. changes in the frequency of certain favorable characteristics in a population
d. all of the above

30. When Darwin published his theory of evolution, he included all of the following ideas EXCEPT the idea that
a. species change slowly over time
b. some organisms become less suited to their environment than others
c. evolution occurs in spurts after major environmental change
d. some organisms reproduce at a greater rate than others
A or D?


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    You missed them both.
    Is your home school religious based? Evolution is not a word Darwin used. He used the noun "evolved" just once in Origin of the Species. Darwin never published a theory of evolution, nor used those words. Those words came years later, who wanted to put forth their ideas, using Darwin's ideas on natural selection to explain how diverse traits seemed to be favored by survival or reproductive rate over other traits.

    Now on 28, my response to your A or D comment is possibly could natural selection of certain traits in animals or plants lead to changes in the environment? Most of us view changes in the environment causing changes in animals or plants, sometimes leading to their demise.

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