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Hi, would it be possible for a bit of guidance on the following question?

I need to find the value of x, here is what I have done so far,

x/3 +15 = 3 (x-11)

Mulitpiled each side by 3 (the denominator)

3(x/3 + 15) = 9 (x-11)

Multilpied out the brackets

x + 45 = 9x-99

Subtract x ?

45 = 8x-99

Now I get a little stuck, I am pretty sure x =18 but cannot get this with the final steps of the calculation.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    You were doing fine. Now add 99 to both sides.
    8x = 144

    Then divide both sides by 8
    x = 18

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    Brilliant, thanks for that

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