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2. To what extent is CA relate to culture? Is it possible to analyze a particular conversation with no regard of cultural schemata? Support your argument with what you have learnt in this course.
Conversation analysis concern with analysis of context, relationship between speaker and hearer, knowledge, tone, especially culture which always apply in the conversation. Culture is very significant in conversation. In order to make the listener get the point and understand what the speaker want listener to do, speaker sometimes need to know listener’s culture.
High and low context culture; for instance, Japan was considered to be a high context culture and the United States was low context culture. During a business dinner in the United States, the host may ask, “Shall we have some wine with dinner?” Japanese suggestion may be vague and has significant meaning if Japanese said “Sake goes well with many Japanese dishes”. It may be mean “Do you have Japanese sake in America?”.
Another example is a dialect or accent in the conversation because people have different culture of language, so make their pronunciation differ too. They will be difficult to correct the pronunciation especially when the speaker who is not native speaker. Australians pronounce the “ay” sound as “ai”. This can lead to confusion when someone from Sidney asks his/her friend in Bangkok “When do you celebrate ‘Mother’s Dai’?”
For the above example, it is impossible to analyze a particular conversation with no regard of cultural schemata because the people in every country have their own culture which they learn since they were young. There are others example as follows:-
In the classroom of history course, teacher asks student that “Who said, I come to bury Casesa, not to praise him?” Thai student answer that “The undertaker” If foreign student answer, they will know what the answer is. Sometimes, the speaker must think about the context and the circumstance. In the example indicate that Thai student did not know about Rome’s history and culture.
Again Thai student said to a baby in baby carriage that “he is so cute baby”. Baby’s mother said that “stay away from my son!!” because mother thinks that Thai student will kidnap her son. In this situation indicate that English really aware stranger which differs from Thai culture. Thai do not mind when someone admire their children.
All of said, these indicate that culture always apply in our conversation. We need to accept that culture is a part of human life and it is impossible to analyze the conversation without culture.

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