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Please help me to correct grammar

Task 3 – Unit review (Summary and critique)
According to Brown and Hood’s “Academic Encounters: Life in Society” (2002), Intermediate to High Intermediate Level, includes unit 1: Belonging to a group, consists of chapter 1 and chapter 2. In chapter 1: Marriage, Family, and the Home divide into 4 sub topics such as the family today, alternative lifestyles, how we learn to behave and the important of the social environment. Also chapter 2 divide into 4 sub topics consists of culture, peer group pressure, crowds and panic. Both chapters have the same steps to preview and review the story which are ‘preparing to read’ and ‘after read’. There are also have writing assignment at the end of each chapter.
Chapter 1 has the interesting information about marriage family and home. It presents the percentage of married woman in the workplace, percentage of single parent, family and percentage of never-married woman aged 18-44 who have children in form of chart. These not only practice readers’ reading skill but also give knowledge to readers. It has tasks at the end of story which is useful for readers to review their understanding.
The passage in chapter2, which is interesting one, is Panic. This passage gives an experience to readers about emergency situation such as fire and other situations in many countries. It is not only give the information but also make the reader know to do when they meet unexpected situations in daily life. It will be benefit for readers to apply in daily life.
In first unit, which includes 2 chapters, have guideline or instruction and suggestions before do exercises. There are preparing to read and after reading practice. This is very useful for reader to get the way to follow passage and make readers more understand what they will read and what they will get after read it. There are review vocabularies and grammar. Some passages have definition of technical vocabularies which inserts beside page. This will be benefit for student and readers who never known technical term before and easier to understand passage.
After read passages, there are tricks of note taking and summary. These will help readers have logical thinking and know the way to analyze passages. Some practices have the carton pictures (page 25) which make readers not boring in reading and do exercises.
This book is a good book for the study both of Thai student and who are choosing reading/writing classroom texts. It may be more appropriate for the university student than graduated student because some passages use simple word and not complex grammar structure.
However, this book is very old published (in 2002), it may be have some information not update and rarely not interesting much for graduated student.

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    Let's take one grammatical issue at a time, and let's start with subject-verb agreement.

    If you have a singular subject, the verb also needs to be singular. Most of the time this means the verb needs to have -s at the end of it. If you have a plural subject, then the verb also needs to be plural. Here is an example from your paper:

    "Also chapter 2 divide..." -- This should read Also, chapter 2 divides...

    In addition, there are many places where it is not clear what the subject is or, in places, there is no subject at all.

    "According to Brown and Hood’s “Academic Encounters: Life in Society” (2002), Intermediate to High Intermediate Level, includes unit 1: Belonging to a group, consists of chapter 1 and chapter 2."
    In this, there is no subject for the verbs "includes" or "consists." Therefore, this is not a complete sentence.

    Go through both this post and your other post and correct all errors in subject-verb agreement. Any of the first 4 or 5 sites in these search results will help you with this concept:

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    Thank you so much for your help

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    letter to the Minister of envirnment in which you complain about the environment problems in your city.Then give suggestions to solve th problems.

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