Algebra 1B

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I need help with these 2 problems please. It's been a while so I need some brushing up
1)Subtact & Simplify


  • Algebra 1B -

    I will have to guess what you might mean because you used no parentheses.

    (4-v)/(v-6) - (2v-5)/(-v )

    (4-v)/(v-6) + (2v-5)/(+v )

    multiply by LCD which is

    [(4v-v^2) + (v-6)(2v-5)]/(v^2-6v)

    [ 4v -v^2 + 2v^2 -17 v + 30 ]/(v^2-6)

    [ v^2 -13 v +30 ] / (v^2-6)

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