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5th grade math - multiplying decimals

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Marlon's desktop measures 0.57 meters by 1.45 meters. that is the ares of his desktop?
I came up with .8265 is this correct?
I thought that the answer should be more than one.

  • 5th grade math - multiplying decimals -

    Yes, your answer is right. The area of the desk is a little under 1 square meter.

    0.57 is a little over half a meter and 1.45 is a little less than a meter and a half. So we know that the area of the desk must be less than 1 square meter.

  • 5th grade math - multiplying decimals -


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    Is 5+98+45+798-654=56

  • 5th grade math - multiplying decimals -

    ABSOULUTLY CORRECT cant explain it any better just letting you know cheating on your like this before you turn it in will catch up with you in life PEACE I GO just giving you a little tip but hope i helped your cofindence to beleive that you don't need help just turn it in i promise trust in your self if you do that you will become very intelligent PEACE OUT!!!

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