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shurley english

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Oh,no! Diane broke her father's expensive new telescope. please classify using shurley english

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    What in the world is "shurley english"?

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    Oh, my, after teaching English off and on for over 50 years, you've stumped me. I've never heard of "Shurley English." It's advertised for home school students, but I found no explanation about what it teaches.

    Sorry, the only people who can help you are others who are working with the same program.

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    a new way they are teaching english at my school.
    oh = interjetion
    diane = subject noun
    broke= verb-t
    her= possive pronoun adj
    expensiv= adj
    telescope= do
    I don't no what no is

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    These terms aren't new at all.

    The word "no," in this sentence is also an interjection.

    Note that "telescope" is also a noun, acting as a direct object.

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    thank you anyway

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    thank you so much, my mom is not good at helping me with english.

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    You're welcome.

    I think you and your mom should know that it's standard procedure to capitalize English. Apparently your Shurley curriculum has chosen to ignore that standard. I hope it hasn't ignored other conventional English terms and practices.

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    Ms. Sue is right. If this curriculum isn't teaching you the standard conventions in English, you are being cheated.

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    What is way in Shurley?

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