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child care

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I have a questions please
1.An inappropriate science activity for a toddler would be:A:reporting the weather B:caring for pets of the facility C:planting a flower D:watching a science show on TV(I answered B)
Thank you for answering my questions

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    B would be correct

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    I disagree with both of you.

    A toddler can take some care of pets, such as putting a bowl of water into the cage or terrarium. The toddler can also pour dry food into a container for the animal. By taking care of a pet, the child feels that she is contributing to the pet's welfare.

    Many people feel that toddlers should not watch TV, even educational TV. I don't completely agree, but I don't see any science benefit from a child watching a science show. At that age, children should be doing and participating, not watching.

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