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1) Determine the quadrant in which Q lies.

a) sec Q > 0 and cot Q < 0

I know that sec is in quadrant 4 and cot is in 3. Now how do I find the quadrant?

b) csc Q < 0 and tan Q > 0
csc is in quadrant 2 and tan is 3.

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    Do them this way:

    a) sec Q > 0 and cot Q < 0
    Since the signs of secant and cotangents are the same as the signs of cosine and tangent we could say

    cos Q > 0 and tan Q < 0
    the cos Q is positive and tan Q is negative.
    so Q could be in either I or IV and
    Q could be in either II or IV

    so it looks like Q has to be in IV.

    Do the other one the same way.

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