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I can't find the answer to this anywhere! Help?

What did Henry II do that solidified his power as king but led to economic problems and helped incite conflict with the church?

- executed all bishops who were opposed to his rule
- gave enormous financial gifts to the nobility to gain their support in his conflict with the church
- built and rebuilt castles throughout the land
- bribed corrupt bishops to gain their support and divide the church
- all of the above

The praise of the prioress in The Canterbury Tales is an example of

- elegiac writing.
- third person omniscient narrative.
- third person limited narrative.
- unreliable narrator.

12. Which pilgrim develops a logical friendship with the Pardoner?

- the Prioress
- the Knight
- the Host
- the Narrator

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    After you have done your reading and answered these questions, please repost with YOUR answers and we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections if needed.

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    I did the reading, but the first one we have to do a web search and I checked all the sites she recommended and it's not on there. I think it would be all of the above, but it never said. The next one could be unreliable, since she's not like she's being described. And the last one I think is the summoner (I forgot to put him on there)

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