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Put the following in order in terms of increasing melting point: SiH4, SiO2, CH4, NH3, PH3.

Lowest → Highest
(A) NH3, PH3, CH4, SiH4, SiO2
(B) SiO2, PH3, NH3, CH4, SiH4
(C) SiH4, CH4, NH3, PH3, SiO2
(D) CH4, SiH4, PH3, NH3, SiO2
(E) CH4, SiH4, SiO2, NH3, PH3

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    We would be interested in your thoughts and why you have them arranged in that order.

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    The balanced equation P4(s)+ 6H2(g) + 4PH3(g) tells us that 7.0 mol H2 reacts or produces

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