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In each sentence, if the italicized verb does not agree with the subject, circle the verb and write it correct form.

I will capitalize the verb since I don't know how to italicized.

1.Big Ma and Cassie SHARES the same bedroom.

How would I solve this?

  • L.A -

    "shares" is in the 3rd person singular present tense form. Therefore, you'd need to have a singular subject to match it.

    But you don't. You have a plural subject: "Big Ma and Cassie" (two people = plural).

  • L.A -

    The subject is plural, but SHARES is a singular verb.

    Think of it this way:

    He SHARES . . .
    They SHARE . . .

    This site may also help you.

  • L.A -

    So is the correct form of SHARES

  • L.A -

    So is the correct form on SHARES in this sentences = share?

  • L.A -

    Yes. In this sentence you must use SHARE.

  • L.A -

    Just to make sure I understand, could you please review this two too? Thanks

    Most of the trees HAVE Xs marked on them.
    -The subject and verb agree.

    2. Cassie and her brothers ATTACKS the lumbermen.
    -Attacks become attack?

  • L.A -

    Right on both of them!

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