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How do I simplify this?


I pulled the cos3x out as a common factor but that doesn't really help. Can someone please direct me on this. Thanks!

  • Trig -

    Are you sure is isn't
    cos4x*cos3x - sin4x*sin3x ?

    That would be cos 7x.

    If not, then

    cos4x*cos3x - sin4x*cos3x
    = cos 3x (cos 4x - sin 4x)
    = cos 3x [8 cos^2x -8cos^2 x +1 - 8 cos^3 x sinx + 4 cos x sin x)]

    That is not a simplification.

    There may have been a typo error in your problem assignment.

  • Trig -

    Thanks a lot. I also thought the question was written improperly but I spent a lot of time trying to simplify the darn thing! Thanks for your help.

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