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Perform the indicated operations and write the answer in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers.

Problem #1 (3+2i)squared

Problem #2 icubed-isquared


    #1 Multip[ly out (3 + 2i)^2 and use the fact that i^2 = -1.

    #2 i^2 = -1, and i^3 = -i
    Add the two terms for the answer


    I need this in a final answer form please :)


    Then go somewhere else. We are here to help you learn, not do your work for you.


    Wow drwls....that was pretty rude and entirely unnecessary!!


    Actually Dawn, I agree with him. You are looking for answers, not help. See my post on the other.


    i did the work on them...they werent right...i just want to know if im right after i try to solve the problem...thanks


    Show us your steps in the future and we'll gladly tell you where you went wrong, if the problem happens again.


    I did in the math post I did right after this one....perhaps u can see if I still did it wrong? Thanks.....

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