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Trying to help my daughter... we have to identify subordinate clauses, identify independent clauses. I can help her with the part about simple, compound and complex, but don't remember the independent and subordinate. Any help would be appreciated.
2. Darren Daniel signed his letter of intent to play for Stanford in Palo Alto, California.
3.Vanderbilt tried to make a late run but never really was in contention for Darren Daniel.
4. Daniel threw for 813 yards and seven touchdowns in 2009.
5. Urban signed the consensus No. 1 recruiting in the country Wednesday, stockpiling the kind fo talent that could keep the Gators in the national title hunt for several years.
6. Twenty-eight players signed national letters of intent with Florida, including 11 who enrolled last month.
7.Meyer plans to take vacation time but also has a series of heart and stress tests lined up later this month.

Okay, am I right that 7 is compound,6 is complex, 5 is complex (don't really know, this is a guess), 4 is compound, 3 is compound, is 2 simple?

Dont' know where to begin on the independent and subordinate clauses. I teach social studies and don't remember this at all, so any help would be appreciated.

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