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Thank you very much for your last corrections.
Can you please check these ten more statements? I still have some doubts about the words underlined or in parentheses.

1.She says that Netherfield has been rented (instead of let) by Mr Bingley.
2) He was playing in a second floor balcony. He decided to climb the small wall to jump down (or off??)
3) They brought us (on shore?) on their inflatable mattress, which was bigger than ours.
4) The driver jumped through the windscreen and fell down on the pavement. We managed to carry the body of the unconscious driver away from the car before it exploded.
5) The thieves left through the same window which (or in which) they entered?
6) He can’t give a description of Mr Bingley.
7) Mr. Bingley comes to the town ball with his two sisters, his brother-in-law and his friend, Mr Darcy. The latter or the last(?) is tall, handsome and with a noble appearance.
8) Mrs Bingley has to refer to the report made by her neighbour, Lady Lucas.
9) As I ate a lot during my Christmas holidays, I’ll have to do a lot of exercises if I want to lose weight.
10) How do you call a model boat that you have to build yourself? Do you say “I did a jigsaw puzzle”?

Thank you very much.

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    #1 We use "rented" not "let". I believe in England they use "let".

    #2. Both of those are used.

    #3. "to shore" would be better.

    #4. We use "windshield"... windscreen is British.

    #5. "from which"

    #6. is fine.

    #7. I would use...."Mr. Darchy, who is
    tall, handsome and with a noble appearance.

    #8 and 9 are fine.

    #10. What do you call....
    Put a comma after "say".

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