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I made the changes you suggested to me.
Can you please check if my five paragraphs are correct? Thank you very much in advance.

1) In the first chapter Mrs Long tells Mr Bennet that Netherfield has been let by Mr Bingley, a rich young man from the north of England. Mrs Long describes him as a single man of large fortune.
2) Mrs Bennet is thinking of his marrying one of her daughters. Mr Bennet agrees on visiting him. However, he can’t give a description (?) of Mr Bingley.
Mrs Bingley has to refer to the report (?)made by her neighbour, Lady Lucas. She describes him as young, handsome, friendly, and best of all, as a good dancer.
3) Mr. Bingley comes to the town ball with his two sisters, his brother-in-law and his friend, Mr Darcy. The latter (?) is tall, handsome and with a noble appearance. At first, everyone looks at him with admiration but then they are disgusted with his unfriendly manners.
4) He is referred to as the proudest, most disagreeable man in the world. Elizabeth overhears Darcy’s conversation with his friend, Mr Bingley, in which Darcy says that Elizabeth is tolerable, but not handsome enough for him. This confirms her view that he is arrogant and intolerable of others. She also believes that Mr. Bingley’s sisters are handsome and well educated but also proud and conceited.
5) Mr Bingley falls in love with Jane. One day Miss Bingley invites Jane to Netherfield. On her way to Netherfield, she gets wet from the rain, catches a bad cold and has to spend a few days at the Bennets’ estate.

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    l. has been let by Mr Bingley,= sorry but I don't understand the "let" = did someone "let" a room/apartment OR did someone "let/allow" something to someone?

    That was the only question I had.


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