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posted by Joseph

This is the problem:
The following HTML code fragment contains a reference to an image file called frog.gif and with alternate text set to froggy, but the code as written contains a number of errors. Write the HTML line correctly.
<IMG SCR=frog.gif ALT=froggy>

(Note: this problem is very sensitive to the exact characters that you enter. Adding an extra blank anywhere can cause the grading system to flag your answer as an error.)

My answer: <IMG SCR="frog.gif" ALT="froggy">

which was still incorrect, what am I doing wrong? Thank you.

  1. Writeacher

    Someone who has lots of practice with HTML will answer you eventually, but one thing I see is the absence of / at the end of the command. Isn't </a> needed to end such a string?

  2. Joseph

    I tried the / but that didn't worked either =[

  3. Anonymous

    u have verts too lol ... idk the answer but i know its SRC not SCR

  4. Joseph

    Haha yeah thanks i already figured it out. thank you tho

  5. Anonymous

    I guess I'm in your class. And I'm having problems with that question as well. I figured out the " and SCR, but I don't get what else is wrong.

  6. facka

    hah i got dr bill too mfo

  7. Lola

    <IMG SCR=frog.gif ALT=froggy>

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