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what wedsite can i find pictures and info. on a arab , chinese and native american astronomer from the 1054.

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    1054 was the year that there was a giant supernova explosion that was briefly as bright as a full moon. It lasted for several months. The remnants of that explosion are visible today (barely) as the Crab Nebula, also called M1 or Messier 1.

    The event was seen by people in many cultures but not many historical records remain. The best existing records were made in China. It is believed to be depicted in a petroglyph in the ruins of an ancient Native American culture at Chaco Canyon Arizona. I have seen it and do believe that is what is shown. No one knows the name of who made the picture.

    A very good discussion can be found at


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    Chaco Canyon, where an ancient pictograph of the 1054 supernova exists, is in New Mexico, not Arizona. (It is near the border between the two states)

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    thank you very much for the answer, but i am in desperate need for pictures of space astromers for china, arabs and native americans. can you direct me to a website or images that show.

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    This might interest you:


    Then again, it might not.

    As for Arabic and Chinese astronomers, the same Google "image" search tool that is available to me is available to you.

    Search Google.com with keywords "arabic" "chinese" and "astronomer" (together) and click "images" at the top.

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