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Algebra 1B

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I can not figure out the answer to this problem. (^6)(-7^6+5) I'm not sure if that sign is correct. It's suppose to be the symbol that looks like a check mark and goes over the 6 on left and over the 6+5 on right. Please help

  • Algebra 1B -

    Is this the sign? (√)

    If so, this means square root of whatever follows.

    I hope this helps.

  • Algebra 1B -

    We use the ^ symbol for exponents and sqrt( ) or sqt( )for the square root of something. So do most computerized math sites and programs such as Google and Excel, where the available symbols are limited.

    = -7*6 + 5 srt(6)
    = 5 sqrt(6) -42

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