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Religions of common geographic origins tend to differ from others that originate in other areas of the world. How do religions having common geographic origins tend to share somewhat common codes of behavior and views or the nature and reason for existence?

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    A whole chapter would need to be written to fully explain that. But here is one idea.

    It makes sense that, long before methods of long-distance communication existed, the closer together, physically, two cultures were the more exposed they would be to the other's ideas. The nearer the culture to one's own, the greater its influence on one's own. This would tend to somewhat homogenize the views and beliefs of neary cultures.

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    Okay thanks, I'm writing a document based question and my teacher isn't very good at helping me with anything. I found the religions they gave me to work with so not helpful or relative to each other in anyway.

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    Anonymous is right.

    But consider Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all originating in the arid Middle East. They have many characteristics in common, including monotheism and what Christians call the Old Testament.

    Hinduism and Buddhism from India are polytheistic and tend to be fatalistic.

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