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During the immigrant experience in the early 1800s U.S. is said to be a "melting pot", and Canada a "mosaic".

a.) What do these two terms mean to you?
Melting pot describes the blending of cultures into a single nation.
Cultural mosaic describes the mix of cultures coexisting in society.

b.)Why do you thing the countrie took these two approaches to immigration?
America wanted everyone to be the same to create a single strong nation.
Canada accepted the diversity of different cultures to expand their nation.

c.) Do you see more advantages for on policy over the other? (explain)

Can someone please check my answers? And Please clarify part "c" for me because I don't understand what it's asking?

  • Social Studies (URGENT) -

    a,b are ok
    c: which do you think is a better national policy?

  • Social Studies (URGENT) -

    a. I agree. I've heard them described as soup. The vegetables in the melting pot have been pureed so every spoonful looks like every other spoonful. In the mosaic pot, the vegetables are distinct and not pureed.

    b. I agree.

    c. Which do you think is better -- the melting pot in which the country strives to incorporate all cultures into one American culture? Or the mosaic pot in which each element of the Canadian culture is distinguished and valued?

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