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Hi, I'm trying to figure out a good topic regarding Alfred the Great.

My paper needs to be 4 pages, and it can't just be a biography or summary of his life. I'm trying to find a few interesting points about his life that I can really elaborate on.

When i google him, I'm really only finding biographical information.


  • Help with essay topic? -

    Have you read several online biographies? If you haven't found any interesting points, then I suggest you get one or more books from your library and search in them for "interesting" points.

  • Help with essay topic? -

    I have three books on him, and yes, I have read biographies.

    I was just wondering if someone (who, since this is the internet, may have mroe experience with Anglo-Saxon history) had a suggestion that in their opinion, would make for a more fulfilling paper than what is being presented in the biographies.

    I wasn't looking to be handfed "interesting" points, only opinions on ideas that might benefit the overall paper. I apologize if it came off as such.

  • Help with essay topic? -

    I'm certainly not an expert on English history, but as I skimmed through some biographies, I could find nothing negative about him.

    However, I think it's interesting that he's earned such an important place in history when he governed only Wessex which was about the size of Nebraska. Can you extrapolate on that and find out why he is considered so important?

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