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Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences.

1. Can anyone count the stars in the Milky Way?
PP=in the Milky Way

2. The Milky Way looks beautiful on a clear night.
PP=on a clear night

3. I enjoy stargazing from a nearby hilltop.
PP=from a nearby hilltop.

4. Clusters of stars form constellations.
PP= form constellations

5. Seven very bright stars surrounded by dust from the Seven Sisters.
PP= from the Seven Sisters

Identify the prepositional phrases in the following sentences and the word they modify.

1. Can you pronounce the name of the country?
PP= of the country, WM= name

2. The soprano sang one of my favorite songs.
PP= of my favorite songs, WM= sang

3. In the cave an ancient artist had painted a hunting scene.
PP= In the cave, WM=painted

4. Along the path we planted pink and yellow tulips.
PP= Along the path, WM=planted

5. Can you see well in the dark?
PP= in the dark, WM=see

  • English -

    1 - 3 are correct.

    4 is incorrect.

    5 is correct, but there's a second PP in there.


    1, 3, 4, and 5 - correct

    2 - PP is correct; WM is incorrect.

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