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hey guys im stumped and burning out. Its mid term time. I got 5 midterms and lab test.

i think im making this more complex than needed

what is 10mg/dL Ca in mEq/L

can u show me a simple way using the valence ? My answer doesnt make sense.


N=(gram solute/mw)/L

=0.499 /dL

converts to 5.0 mEq/L

is there a simpler way by using the normality and valence ?

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    I don't know that it's any simpler. You have used essentially the same thing. I usually do it in steps.
    N = number milliequivalents/mL = me/mL and
    me = molecular weight/valence
    40/2 = 20 = eq wt or 0.02 for meq wt.

    10 mg/dl = 0.01 g/0.1L = 0.1 g/L
    0.1g/20 = 0.005 eq/L = 5 me/L.

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    thanks dr bob

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