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Using the motor principle explain why a motor is rotating in the direction indicated.

I seriuosly have no idea, please help explain this theory to me.

PHYSICS - drwls, Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 2:15pm
To help you answer that question, I'd need a figure that shows what kind of motor (or magnet) it is, the direction of the external magnetic field, whether the field is changing, and which direction the motor is turning.

You have provided none of this information.

it's an electric motor. the current flow is flowing north. There is a north magnet on the right and a south magnet on the left of the motor. Sorry I don't know what the direction of the external magnetic field is...the motor is turning clockwise.

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    sorry, the north magnet is actaully on the LEFT and the south magnet is on the RIGHT

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