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Could someone please help me with this?
Assume the role of an American journalist during World War II.
Write three newspaper headlines that indicate the significance of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Each headline must report the same event from a different perspective. Write one headline from a political perspective, one from a social perspective and one from an economic perspective.
Here is some ideas that I have for headlines: "This Means War" -political,
"Sneak Attack by Japs" -social and "Mobilize!" -economic but I'm not sure if these ideas that I have chosen are what I'm suppose to be writing about. Another thing I'm not sure how to write the headlines.
Please help.

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    I don't know about those. Headlines at the time dont' look deep. What happened is that Japan did an attack and destroyed the US Pacific Fleet in one swoop.
    political: War Starts , so I agree with you.
    social: I would work on the headlines about the many killed and wounded, the hospitals overflowing, and the panic amongst the citizens (and military).
    Economic: The value of the ships and aircraft, what mobilization will mean to the economy. I don't think newspaper headlines could see the impact on women in the workforce, shipbuilding, and war industries.

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