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Hi, could someone possibly check my answers to these algebra questions? Its not my strong point so have been struggling a little (or alot if they are all wrong!)

3m-8-5m+10 = 2-2m
4(2-6x) = 8-24x
7(a+3)-5 = 7a + 16
2x-3(4y-x) = 2x-12y-9x
2(4y-1)+5y(3-2y) = 2(4y-1) +5y(3-2y)

If any are wrong would it be possible for some advice? Thanks in advance for taking the time to check them.

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    Sorry, the last one should be

    2(4y-1)+5y(3-2y) = 6y +15y-2y^2

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    for the last two, you are not done
    You also have an error in the second last one

    = 2x-12y-3x
    = -x - 12y

    last one also contains an error.
    correct form:
    = 8y - 2 + 15y - 10y^2
    = 23y - 2 - 10y^2

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    Brilliant! Thanks alot for your help

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