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I have to write a compare and contrast essay for my Freshmen comp. class, the topic I chose is cockroaches VS. Beatles. Im not sure if this is risky, because i don't really know my professor, but i cant find another topic that i can successfully wright about please help!!

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    Unless you're an entymologist, it doesn't sound like a very exciting paper. However, if you feel you can make a good case for the similarities and differences between c o c k roaches and beetles (note spelling), then go for it.

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    Ok so maybe I should pick another subject but what ?

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    compare anything.

    What about in shoes: pumps vs highheels.

    The purpose of the essay is to get you to learn to compare and contrast.

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    thank you bobpursley I love shoes so this will be a great topic

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    For a college level paper, you could compare and contrast:

    two of Poe's stories
    two different vacation places
    Canada and the U.S.
    two different fast food restaurants
    lap top and desk top computers
    home care and nursing home care for the infirm aged
    Vietnam War and war in Iraq and Afghanistan
    North and South prior to the Civil War

    As Bob said, compare anything.

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