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Can you check these sentences for me, please?

1.After Christmas I went to my second-holiday home in the mountains and I stayed there till January 30.
2.On Wednesday I returned home, because my parents were giving a party
3.My parents were having a party with their friends at home.
4.On the following days I did my homework, but I also rested and helped my mum
5.During my holidays I wanted (planned ?) to relax myself after the first four months of school
6.The Christmas lunch is always a very exciting moment, as I can see all my relatives and exchange presents (gifts?) with them.
7.After lunch we played bingo with prizes prepared all year around (???)
8.I spent the following day sleeping to recover (?) from the party.
9. Who did the religious orders obey in Henry’s time?
10. What did he buy with the money he got from the monasteries?
11. Henry VIII decided to close monasteries on the pretext of corruption.

Thank you.

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    1. second-holiday = you do not need a hyphen there

    Don't forget the ending period on several sentences.

    7. After lunch we played bingo with prizes prepared all year around (???) = all year long.

    Just decide whether you want the first word or the word in parentheses. Either would be correct.

    9. There is that who (nominative/subjective) vs. whom (accusative/objective) problem again! Who = Whom (because religious orders is the subject of the verb)


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