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I am having the worst time with this. Even after reading the material several times I a very lost. Any help would be great.
The Department of Education has awarded your agency with grant funding of $1.6 million to provide training programs to high school dropouts. The funded programs are a basic work skills training program and a vocational program. You are preparing a budget matrix to present to the awarding agency. The matrix budget consists of line-item, functional, and program budgets.

Operating Expenses: Per Year


Office supplies


Transportation and travel

Outside consultants

Overhead costs

Personnel expenses: Annual Salary Number of FTEs
Executive director
Training supervisor
$50,000 10
Administrative coordinator
$45,000 1
Administrative staff
$25,000 3
Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25%

All costs excluding the salary of the executive director and training supervisor will be allocated according to this formula:

60% to basic skills program
40% to vocational program

Number of eligible students: 1,000

Use the information above to create each of the following:

1. A line-item budget table showing all associated costs implementing the training programs.
2. A combined functional and program budget to calculate all costs per enrolled student.

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    IT seems to me to be straightforward. What is your question about it? Frankly, I would use a spreadsheet, is is so much easier with built in formulas.

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    No one here seems to be able to help with the question about this assignment LOL I have read several responses and the answers are either evasive or outright telling people we won't do your assignment...I am not looking for anyone to do my assignment but to help with understanding how to do it...if you are unable to help because you don't understand the material yourself then just don't respond...why make someone who is already struggling feel ignorant...which by the way all of us are ignorant about somethings!

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