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a sample of seawater has a density of 1.02kg/L and has the following ion in parts per million by mass, 19,000 Cl-. how do you find the molar concentration of the ion?

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    19,000 ppm by mass means
    19,000 g Cl^-/1,000,000 g solution.
    The solution then consists of 19,000 g Cl^- and 981,000 g H2O.
    Remember that molarity = moles/L.

    How many moles do you have.
    19,000 g Cl^-/atomic mass Cl^- = moles.
    What is the volume of water? That is
    mass = volume x density. You have density and mass, calculate volume, convert to liters and use in the moles/L formula.

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    Thank You Dr. Bob, I really appreciate your help

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