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What is the theme of the poem, "The Road Not Taken"? I think the theme is making a decisions that is different from everybody else.

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    I am also suppose to find the subject of the poem but I am lose with that.

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    You're moving along the right line of thinking for the theme. Think some more! A theme can be thought of as a hidden message the author is trying to get his readers to understand.

    The subject of the poem is simply in the "what happened." Tell me in your own words what the story of the poem is, and we can go from there.

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    The poem is about a traveler who must make a decision between two roads. after examing one of them, he takes the other one because it is grassy and looks better than the other one and it doesn't look like alot of people travel on that road. The traveler than admits that they were both the same. At the end of the poem, the traveler says that he would not be coming back to take the other road.

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    OK, so the subject is the traveler and his quandary about which road to take, right?

    What did you decide for the theme?

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    4/3/4 in a line segment

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