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i have son that 2 year and still not talking .what should i do ?

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    If I were you, I'd keep talking to him normally and make sure he understands what you say -- does he follow simple directions, etc.? And then be patient. Children develop at different rates, and he may end up being one of those who say nothing or almost nothing, but then when they do start speaking, they speak in full sentences!! You never know.

    This is a very interesting webpage, but you have to keep in mind that the ages and age-ranges in here are averages, no doubt -- not hard and fast rules.

    The same holds for when children learn to read (or any other developmental skill you can name). My daughter was reading right on time in first grade; my son was reading before he reached kindergarten! My oldest grandchild was reading at age 4; his younger brother didn't really "take off" (reading and understanding) until he was in grade 4 (how he got that far, I'll never know!); the boys' younger sister has been reading fine since first grade. My fourth grandchild has been reading in English since first grade and in French since second grade.

    It's all very individual.

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    If i was in you'r hand's i would Talk to him reglary does he have any problems with any thing else? just make sure when you'r tlking to him he understands what your saying...... why not read to him at night. And don't use big words. every one speaks a a diffrent time i didn't start talking until i was 3.

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    go and buy ur baby can read
    it really works!!!!

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    use flash cards and get one of those talking books that's what my mum used with me and i started talking at 1

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    All that you have to do is get one of those talking baby tapes and show it to the baby at that age don't do that before 12 months though it will "unteach" the

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    wow teach him to talk

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    watch tv,kid shows because the
    "your baby can read" commercial comes on those shows mostly

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    I was not yelling at you Makeeda.

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    I would make for sure that he is hearing okay. Have his hearing checked. It's better to be safe than sorry.I have a daughter that has been wearing hearing aids evr since she was 21 months old. She is doing great in school. She made honor roll.

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    Dont worry,toddlers will gradually start speaking in their own time.maybe your child is too shy to say anthing or is scared of something.i suggest you take him to the doctors to ensure hes fine so you don't worry.also get the child active eg play games so the child speaks out their mind

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