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Can you check the word choice in the following sentences?

1. We never did make to the stadium that day.
2. When the dog was jumping back on his pillow, he dragged the laptop with him. The laptop fell into the dustbin, which overturned spilling everything on the floor.
3. Once the thieves jumped through the window of my house (or they got into my house through an open window). While they walking across the room, one of them stepped into (or stumbled over) the carpet, hurt the TV and broke it
4. A friend of mine was skiing off track when he lost his balance and fell in the snow. He couldn’t move his leg any more. His friends called an ambulance. He was stretchered off and taken to hospital.
5. My mother’s friend was at the top of the stairs holding two pots in her hands. All of a sudden, she heard the bell ringing. As she was waiting for her guests to arrive, she rushed downstairs. Unluckily, she didn’t notice that her dog was standing in her way. First, she stumbled over it and then she tumbled down the stairs. Her leg was broken. They had to put it in plaster (Can you use a passive construction here?)
6. I wanted to cut off a slice of ham to make myself a sandwich. Through an oversight I cut my finger instead. As it bled freely, my mum bandaged it and took me to hospital where I was given six stitches. (Can you say they geve me six stitches?)

Thank you

  • English -

    1. did make to the = did make it to the

    2. overturned spilling = overturned, spilling

    3. the first statement is NOT a complete statement. or you could begin with "One time..." "hurt" the TV is strange - bumped?

    4. taken to hospital. = to the hospital

    5. Yes. It was put in plaster...

    6. took me to hospital = to the hospital
    As to your l ast question = yes.


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