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Can you check the mistakes in the following paragraph please?
One day, at primary school, a stressed and bored nine-year-old girl didn’t know what to do as she found school lessons really uninteresting. So she decided to do something amazing to surprise the teacher; she sat down on the window sill and started talking: “I’m so depressed! My life hasn’t meaning (or hasn’t got a meaning, or is meaningless)!”
After that, the girl jumped out of the window (or the second floor window). (or Her classroom was on the second floor).The teacher risked a heart attack. Luckily, she discovered that under the window there was a balcony and the girl had jumped on it. Naturally, the teacher gave her a very bad mark, but all the students really enjoyed it.

Thank you for the help!

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    My life hasn’t meaning (or hasn’t got a meaning, or is meaningless)!” = either the first or third, but for the second = has no meaning...


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