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8th grade math

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Carlos and maria drove a total of 258 miles in 5 hours. Carlos drove the first part of the trip and averaged 53 miles per hr maria drove the remainder of the trip and averaged 51 miles per hr for how many hrs did maria drive

  • 8th grade math -

    Let X be the hours Maria drove. 5-X hours were then driven by Carlos.

    53 X + 51(5-X) = 258 miles covered

    53X - 51X = 2X = 258 - 255 = 3

    X = 3/2 hour

    Carlos did most of the driving.

  • 8th grade math -


  • 8th grade math -

    Toni rows a boat 4.5 km/h upstream and then turns around and rows 5.5 km/h back downstream to her starting
    point. If her total rowing time is 48 min, for how long does she row downstream? Express your answer to the
    nearest minute.

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