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I don't understand how to do this at all!! I've been Googling the past hour and I just don't get it. My teacher won't respond and my exam is tomorrow. I get that we cleave with an acid and then we can do amino acid analysis. The entire protein can be pieced together only after sequencing of two sets of protease fragments. Can someone help me or even just refer me to something that does help?

15. You are determining the amino acid sequence of a protein isolated in the lab. You have used two different proteases to cleave the protein. These are the fragments after cleavage (all written with N terminus at the left and C terminus at the right)

Protease I

Protease II

A. Give the names of the amino acids each protease cleaves between (2 pts.)

Protease I:

Protease II:

B. You sequence each of the fragments from the cleavage reactions. Give the name of the technique and list the steps involved that would allow you to obtain the amino acid sequence of each fragment. (5 points)

-- Edman degradation

C. What is the sequence of the one letter amino acid codes in the original protein? (4 points)

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