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Math (6th grade)

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how many mm=1ft
how many cm=1yd
304.8 cm=how many ft
how many cm in 1 in?

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    check your answers here:

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    The easy way to do this is to see that the units cancel and how to use conversion factors. I have memorized a fw conversions. For example,
    2.54 cm = 1 inch
    I know 12 inches = 1 ft.
    I know 3 feet = 1 yard. Here how to do the ?mm = 1 ft.

    We know 2.54 cm = 1 inch
    We know 12 inches = 1 ft.
    We know 10 mm = 1 cm.
    Start with what we have. We have 1 ft.
    We want to go to mm.
    1 ft x (factor to inches) x (factor to cm) x (factor to mm) = ??

    Now all we need to do is substitute for the factors. When we do this, we note how to place the factor; we always do it so the unit we don't want cancels and the unit we want to keep doesn't cancel). Here is how it works.
    1 ft x (12 inches/1 ft)----Note that the unit ft cancels and the first factor has converted ft to inches. We just keep the process going. Th final string looks like this.
    1 ft x (12 in/1 ft) x (2.54 cm/1 inch) x (10 mm/cm) = ?? mm.

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    to hard

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