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Make up a set of 7 numbers having the following landmarks:


I do not understand.

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    To make the numbers, we need to know each of the properties.

    We now know that there are 7 numbers.
    Mode is the number with the most occurrence. For example, in the set {18,21,21,22,25,26,29}, 21 is the mode.

    Median is the middle number, when the numbers are sorted in sequence. In the above set, 22 is the median.

    The maximum in the above is 29, and the range is 29-18=11.

    So now can you take it from here?

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    No, I still do not understand. why did you subtract 29 from 18? what do you do with 11?

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    The range is the difference between the maximum(29) and the minimum(18), so the range is 11.
    For a given range and a maximum, the minimum can therefore be found by subtracting the range from the maximum.

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