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I need help with these questions please. Could someone please check them for me? Thank You.

1. Jane Hilman went to her bank. She had a balance of $1,009.88 in her savings account. She withdrew $130.00 and the teller credited her account with $6.19 What is her new balance.
is it $886.07?

2. Which of the following can be accomplished with electronic banking?
(1)foreign exchange transactions
(2)view your account status
(3)transfer funds
(4) pay bills without going to the bank
Is it all of them?

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    I agree with your first answer. You're probably right for 2, although I don't think ordinary U.S. ATMs offer foreign exchange transactions.

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    1. Yes

    2. Yes, all of them are possible, but few banks allow foreign exchange transactions online. Citibank allows it. See

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